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Therapy X


Therapy X

I was approached by Therapy X, to help create an innovative brand identity for their new integrative health clinic in Vancouver, Canada. The idea behind their business is to create an all encompassing clinic that has massage therapists, doctors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, and naturopaths on-site, for a one-stop-shop wellness centre and community.

What I created for Therapy X was a simple and modern logo that appealed to all demographics. A concise, sans-serif font was selected to demonstrate the real and transparent nature of the brand. The X, an exponential, signifies the many different services offered under Therapy X’s roof. It also ties into the scientific and medical side of their offerings, without coming off as sterile or serious.

Finally, the colours selected are familiar natural tones of green and grey, incorporating the West Coast mountains and forest, which many of their clients use as their playground.